Discussion Lunches with Facilitators

2015 Feb
They also serve who stand and object. Dr Anthony Wilson

2014 Sep
Rudolf Steiner – Educationist. Brian Teall

2014 – Feb
Badger Culling.  Simon Spencer, National Farmers Union

2013 – Oct
Manage your own death. Dr Jeremy Duncan Brown

2013 – Mar
DNA Mapping for All? Mrs Carol Hannam and Mrs Jenny Arthur

2012 – Sept
Education Matters. Mrs Susan Hannam, Assistant Headteacher

2012 – Feb
Alcohol and Drugs. The Community Substance Misuse Team

2011 – Sept
Greenpower. Clive Edmunds, Two Rivers School

2011 – Feb
Intensive Farming. Mr Derek Loweth, National Farmers Union

2010 – Feb
The Staffordshire Hoard. Ms Nina Dawes, LDC Chief Executive

2009 – Sept
Energy Supplies for the Future. Mr Cliff Ricketts

2009 – Feb
Safe Water for Everyone. Mr Brian Hammond

2008 – Sept
Creationism in the Classroom. Mrs Jenny Arthur

2008 – Feb
Health in the face of Media and Government Hype. Dr Fred Mitchell

2007 – Sept
Education in Science. Mr Richard Tetley

2007 – May
Earth Incorporated – A New Economic Entity. Mr Bryn Bird

2007 – Feb
The Schools Diploma Scheme. Mr Phil Prettyman