Lichfield Festival Lectures

Showing the Interactions of Art and Science

2013 Richard La Trobe-Bateman
Aesthetics meet Structures

2012 Prof Donald Singer,
Professor of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Warwick University
The Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and medicine

2011 Tony Wass
Proprietor Ninth Wave Audio
Two Centuries of Sound Recording

2010 Mr Keith Barley,
The Conservation and Restoration of Stained Glass, with special reference to the Herkenrode Window

2009 Dr Mark Miodownik,
Head of the Materials Research Group, Division of Engineering, Kings College London
Strange Materials, Wallpaper that changes to suit your mood!

2008 Mr Brian Hurwitz,
DOyly Carte Professor of Medicine and the Arts, Kings College, London
Narrative Thinking in Medical Practice

2007 Professor Michelle Brown,
Independent Authority on Ancient Manuscripts
The Technology of an Anglo-Saxon Manuscript

2006 Professor Grant E Hearn,
Professor of Ocean Engineering Science, University of Southampton
Ghost Ship: Art? Or Science?

2005 Mr Daniel Bangham,
Proprietor, Wood Wind & Reed, Cambridge
Science and 19th-Century Music

Mr John Hollis
Head of Government and Industrial Affairs, BMW Group UK.
Hydrogen Night

2004 Ruth Hardingham and Charles E Walker,
Principal Lecturer, Staffordshire University
Technology meets Creativity

2003 Mr John Gruzelier,
Professor of Psychology, Imperial College London
Brain-Wave Control and Music Performance Enhancement

2002 Mr Paul San Casciani,
Fellow of the British Society of Master Glass Painters, Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Glaziers, Visiting Tutor at West Dean College of Crafts,
The Techniques of Stained Glass

2001 Mr Barry Fox
Sound Recording – Past Achievements and Future Delights

2000 Mr Richard Brett
All the Worlds a Stage

1999 Mr William Waterhouse
Todays Orchestral Winds – Their Evolution & Development

1998 Professor John Sloboda
Why Does Music Send Shivers Up Your Spine

1997 Mr Nicholas Eastaugh
Science & the Secrets of the Old Masters

1996 Mr Michael Painter

1995 Mr Ernest Hart, David Briggs, Andrew Lumsden and Paul Spicer
Look No Pipes! Electronic Organ lecture-demonstration and Recitals

1994 Mr Mike Gluyas
Musical Squares – Adventures in Sound & Music

1993 Eilidh Armour Brown
Artists Materials

1992 Mr C Taylor
Science and the Sounds of Music