Since its formation in 1985 the Society’s membership has grown to over 370, amateurs and professionals, of all ages and from all walks of life. It has held more than 250 lectures, originally at the St Mary’s Centre, later in the larger LichfieldGarrick Theatre and, during the Covid ’19 pandemic, via the Zoom virtual platform. In addition to the lecture programme the Society has made more than 200 visits and held regular social events. It is also supportive of students of all ages through awards and grants to local schools to fund STEM subjects.

The Society’s steady growth in membership, the growth of its reputation in the Lichfield area and beyond and the regular “full house” attendances make it both the envy of many similar groups and a tribute to the many people who have served it.

A Short History of LSES 1985-2010
Short History

Archived Newsletters.
The Chairman’s reports detail the Society’s current situation and recent activities.