2020 Professor Cliff Bailey
University of Aston,
Obesity and diabetes: the wealth-health paradox

2019 Dr Alan Goddard
University of Aston,
Microbial factories: putting bugs to work

2018 Professor Mark Jobling
Professor of Genetics, University of Leicester
Genetic Fingerprinting

2017 Dr James Brown
University of Aston,
Obesity and Diabetes:the truth about sugar, fat and exercise

2016 Professor Peter Lambert
University of Aston,
Rise of the Superbugs – The end of antibiotics?

2015 Dr Richard Bryan,
University of Birmingham,
An Introduction to Cancer and Cancer Biology

2013 Roma Agrawal,
WSP Group,
STEM subjects as a route into an engineering career (Given in February 2014)

2012 Sir Alec Jeffreys, 
University of Leicester,
Genetic Fingerprinting, Past, Present and Future

2011  Dr Richard Bryan, 
Birmingham University,
Cancer: current and future treatments

2010 Dr Ron Knott,
University of Surrey,
Fibonacci numbers in biology

2009 Dr Ankit Rao,
Birmingham University, ‘
An overall view of cancer

1990 Mr M Harrison (President) 
West Midland Regional Health Authority
Careers in Health Care

1989 Mr J Carter (President)
The Water Industry

1988 Mr J A McGeough (President)
Edinburgh University
Michael Faraday’s Legacy

1987 Professor H Wolff (President)
Brunel University
Our Future Lies in Space