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Meeting Details
Speaker: Dr T J B M Janssen View Flyer
Biography: National Physical Laboratory
Date: 08/04/2014
Time: 20:00
Venue: Studio Theatre
Description: Graphene is a material which holds promise for a myriad of exciting applications across many technologies and a large number of these have been demonstrated in principle in the laboratory. However going from laboratory demonstration to real-life application can be a difficult process and this is where many new technologies have failed in the past. Metrology plays an essential role in this process by providing reliable and reproducible measurement technology which gives confidence in the results of research. It provides a basis which can be used for the objective comparison of measurement results and can be used to set standards for industry to work towards. Metrology has often been the first adopter of new technologies. In particular, the quantum Hall effect was one of the first discoveries in graphene and it has been the metrological community which has taken this from first observation to the most accurate resistance standard in less than 6 years. Conversely, the demonstration of a high accuracy resistance gives confidence in graphene as a mature technology with real potential. The talk will cover some of the unique properties of graphene and focus on the development of novel measurement standards based on graphene.