KeyholeSurgery: The Hip Joint

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Meeting Details
Speaker: G S Chana, FRCS, ED
Biography: Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Date: 10/05/05
Time: 20:00
Venue: LichfieldGarrick Studio

This meeting will be preceded at 7.30 p.m. by the Society’s AGM.


Members of the public will be excluded from the AGM.


Admission of visitors will commence at approximately 8.00p.m. No admission monies will be taken before then.


Any medical procedure which, whilst designed to relieve a patient’s suffering, gives less pain after completion and ensures a faster and better recovery into the bargain, is surely to be welcomed. The introduction by Mr Gursharan Chana of a minimally invasive procedure for the replacement of damaged or worn hip joints is just such an innovation.

Mr Chana is highly qualified, having secured Honours in Anatomy and Surgery at the University of Birmingham Medical School in July 1975, FRCS at Edinburgh in October 1980 and FRCS Orthopaedics in 1990. He is also very experienced, claiming to have undertaken over 2500 total hip replacements (60 using this new procedure) and over 350 hip resurfacings (40 using this procedure).

Chan, as he likes to be called, will give a presentation on this new approach for Hip resurfacing (metal on metal) and hip replacement which allows the surgery be carried out through incisions ranging in length from 5.5 to 9 cm. Mr. Chana had to develop some special instruments for the procedure and work with implant manufacturers to allow their implants to be used in this approach. Advantages include minimal blood loss and early mobilisation and discharge from hospital without later complications, also low pain and good cosmetic results.