STRANGE MATERIALS – The Lichfield Festival Lecture

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Meeting Details
Speaker: Dr Mark Miodownik
Biography: KIngs College London
Date: 15/07/09
Time: 10:00
Venue: Lichfield Garrick
Description: Wallpaper that changes to suit your mood!


Animate matter is coming! Concrete that can communicate when it is about to collapse, hip replacements that self-heal and intelligent wallpaper that changes colour if you become angry – such innovations are imminent. Most material scientists, the speaker included, are both excited and apprehensive about the social impact of materials such as these. One thing is for sure: just as artificial pigments triggered the Impressionist movement in the 19th century, so these new, smart substances are likely to change the nature of art and craft in the 21st century.


This talk reviews the cultural impact of new materials, and provides an introduction to the science that underpins future innovations.